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LSL Concrete Edge Form

lightweight and easy to work with

True. Trusted. Tolko.

Even more durable than our standard Concrete Edge Form.

Tolko LSL Concrete Edge Form PRO has been formulated for the toughest jobs in the industry. We took our Concrete Edge Form formula and enhanced the strength to create Concrete Edge Form PRO, making it even more durable than our standard product. Tolko LSL Concrete Edge Form PRO is manufactured with highly durable, water resistant MDI resin and with red edge seal on every board the product has added protection and durability for multiple pours.

LSL Concrete Edge Form logo

Stop wasting time digging through piles of warped lumber to try to find a form that won’t let you down.

Tolko LSL Concrete Edge Forms are straight, true, and resist warping, allowing you to set up forms quickly and economically. MDI resin and aspen wood fibre make our forms lightweight and easy to work with.

The ideal forming choice for tilt-up walls, slab on grade, foundations, sidewalks, and curbing.

Ideal for multiple pours

Manufactured with highly durable, water resistant MDI resin and blue edge-sealed for a waterproof bond, Tolko LSL Concrete Edge Forms come from the factory straight, and remain straight – pour after pour. This saves you time and effort every time you build concrete forms.


Convenient size for easy set-up

Cut-to-size concrete form boards in convenient depths of 3-1/2” to 24”, and 16’ lengths.


Available Sizes

1-1/4"3-1/2" to 24"16'

Contact our EWP sales team to talk about LSL Concrete Edge Form.